Moolala Review is a website community that combines a ‘word of mouth’ marketing concept with ‘daily deal’ discounts. Basically consumers can go to the site, sign-up for membership and receive the most recent hot deals offered by other businesses websites. Plus, their pay-matrix system lets a customer refer their friends to make cash bonuses that can lead to a great supplemental income.

Moolala also serves businesses. By paying a commission for sales made on the site, other websites can advertise their current promotional deals allowing members access to the best bargains on the internet. This is a remarkable promotional device that uses social marketing as a way to effectively increase sales.

Non-profit organizations can also advertise events and fundraisers on Moolala. The creators of this website believe in promoting and supporting non-profits and devote space to a different organization every Sunday with the option to extend through the week.


Membership Features: Becoming a member at Moolala is completely free and can be a rewarding experience, literally! Not only do you have access to the daily discounts that save you money on an array of items and services but you can actually make money too. Basically when a new member enters an existing member’s email address as a source of referral, the original member’s account is automatically rewarded a 2% commission for every purchase the new member makes. Furthermore, any referral made by the new member also rewards the original member; up to a five-tier matrix can be established.

Marketing Features: Marketing your promotional deals with Moolala does not have any up-front cost. The system used to broadcast a business involves posting the advertisements on the site, then members will place orders through the ads that are placed; a commission is then deducted from the total purchase amount. Using this system a business will save money on publicizing costs; they only pay for advertising that has actually worked. Also the strategy of using social marketing can present the opportunity for numerous people to become aware of a particular organization. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter can reach thousands of people in matter of hours when a person likes or shares a post.

Non-profit Organizations: A non-profit organization can also utilize Moolala as an effective advertising tool or to raise funds through the pay-matrix. To start a fundraiser using pay-matrix, simply sign-up for membership and a representative will assist you in crafting the ideal promotion for your benefit. Moolala also provides services to these organizations by placing a different charitable organization ad as the main deal every Sunday with the option to extend throughout the week. Moolala will also provide several tools to promote the donation opportunity to supporters through the organization’s website, e-mail lists and blogs.

Customer Support

The customer support at Moolala is offered in several ways. First, toward the bottom of the main website page is a space for posting questions, comments and concerns that may not require an immediate response. It seems to be checked on a semi-regular basis with response time up to two hours.

A frequently asked questions option is available through the help tab on the site. Questions can also be e-mailed directly to the support team staff if the answer is not provided in the FAQ database.


Moolala is an effective marketing concept that offers an enormous discount to members for promoted items while supplying businesses and organizations with effective marketing tools capable of reaching people on a national to worldwide scale.

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